Here’s a list of fellow bloggers…

DivHut – bought his first stock in 1988 and around 2007, he shifted his focus to generating dividend income.

Farnam Street – is named after Berkshire Hathaway’s address in Omaha. This blog helps readers make more intelligent decisions.

Passive Canadian Income – is a Canadian who has climbed out of 60K in debt and is now generating passive income from dividend stocks.

Snug Fortune – is a dividend growth investor living in Germany. His goal is to generate a passive income stream that will lead to financial independence.

Broke Investor – is a Lithuanian blogger who’s sharing his journey to financial independence. He’s an IT engineer at a Scandinavian bank and provides unique financial insight.

Dividend Daze – is dividend investor who witnessed the 2008 crash during the first year in college. Dividend Daze is now sharing financial progress and wisdom with others.

A Dividend Dream – is focused on buying safe, dividend paying companies which have a competitive moat.

My Dividend Dynasty – is working on building a dividend empire by saving and investing since 2014.

Passive Income Pursuit – has an ultimate goal of being able to retire by 40 by replacing all income with dividend payouts.

Dividends Diversify – is a personal finance website with emphasis on building passive income by investing in dividend stocks.

Dividend Deluge – is an engineer in his early thirties. He shares insight into his path to financial freedom.

Roadmap2Retire – gives you an inside look at a software designer’s personal investing and finances.

Dividends and Hobbies – covers a wide range of dividend investing opportunities.

SkyeFi – works on BMWs for a living and brings a unique view to investing. He shares ideas and research on producing hands-free income.

Biglaw Investor – covers personal finances for the aspiring millionaire lawyer. On this site, you’ll find a wide range of resources and unique insight into financial planning.

Life Upswing – comes from the U.K. and has unique perspective. The blogger behind the site has run a small business for over a decade and studied economics at the University of Liverpool.

Basic Finance Care – is a father of three girls and writes about many personal finance issues. Some topics include: online banking, budgeting, passive income, mortgages and insurance.

Dividend Power – comes from an engineering and science background. From this self-taught investor, you’ll find a methodical and patient approach to investing. The primary focus is on dividend growth investing.

Tim Thomas – has been trading and investing for close to 20 years. This personal blog details many of his errors and important lessons you can learn from them.

Sure Dividend – focuses on finding high quality dividend-paying companies. On this site, you’ll find a list of Dividend Aristocrats. These are companies that have raised their dividends for the past 25 consecutive years.

Investing Spotlight – is another dividend-focused website. The goal is to build a diversified dividend growth portfolio for retirement income.

If you’re interested in adding your blog to my list. Please reach out and I’ll review your website and content.

Invest mindfully,

Brian Kehm

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