Here’s a list of fellow bloggers…

DivHut – bought his first stock in 1988 and around 2007, he shifted his focus to generating dividend income.

Farnam Street – is named after Berkshire Hathaway’s address in Omaha. This blog helps readers make more intelligent decisions.

Passive Canadian Income – is a Canadian who has climbed out of 60K in debt and is now generating passive income from dividend stocks.

Snug Fortune – is a dividend growth investor living in Germany. His goal is to generate a passive income stream that will lead to financial independence.

Broke Investor – is a Lithuanian blogger who’s sharing his journey to financial independence. He’s an IT engineer at a Scandinavian bank and provides unique financial insight.

Dividend Daze – is dividend investor who witnessed the 2008 crash during the first year in college. Dividend Daze is now sharing financial progress and wisdom with others.

Niterainbow – started blogging with a net worth of about $100,000 in 2011. And the blog shows a detailed look into a path towards financial freedom. Niterainbow is now worth over $500,000.

A Dividend Dream – is focused on buying safe, dividend paying companies which have a competitive moat.

My Dividend Dynasty – is working on building a dividend empire by saving and investing since 2014.

Passive Income Pursuit – has an ultimate goal of being able to retire by 40 by replacing all income with dividend payouts.

Dividends Diversify – is a personal finance website with emphasis on building passive income by investing in dividend stocks.

Dividend Deluge – is an engineer in his early thirties. He shares insight into his path to financial freedom.

Roadmap2Retire – gives you an inside look at a software designer’s personal investing and finances.

Dividends and Hobbies – covers a wide range of dividend investing opportunities.

If you’re interested in adding your blog to my list. Please reach out and I’ll review your website and content.

Invest mindfully,

Brian Kehm

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