Body Language Psychology: How to Speak Loud Without a Sound

Communication is key. Your relationships wouldn’t work without language. But many people overlook a crucial component that has a deep impact. Mastering body language psychology can help you achieve your goals in life.

Body language speaks volumes. In an early study, a researcher found that the total impact of a message is 55 percent nonverbal. The remaining impact comes from the words, tone of voice, and other sounds.

Now this research is widely debated… but there’s no need to quibble over its true value. It shows that nonverbal communication plays a huge role in your life. So let’s look at how you can use it to your advantage.

The Psychology of Body Language

Stop what you’re doing right now and notice how you positioned your body to read. Did you sprawl out in bed or maybe hunch over in a chair?

Your posture lets others around you know how you feel. But it goes deeper than that. It also changes the way you think. Body language psychology has a powerful impact on your life.

A compressed pose shows that you feel powerless. Your confidence is lower when you cross your arms and make yourself look small. A small pose is common when you’re in new and changing environments.

When you stretch out and open up, you feel more powerful. Sprawling your arms out in a V position and lifting your chin is a dominate power pose. Runners often do this after winning a race. And interestingly, this intense power pose isn’t a socially learned trait. People that are blind from birth display the V power pose after winning physical competitions.

You rarely think about your body’s movements. They come naturally… but you might want to start putting a little more thought in.

Researchers found that powerful people tend to be more confident and optimistic. Striking a power pose changes your hormones. It lowers cortisol, a stress hormone and boosts testosterone, a dominance hormone within minutes.

The next time you’re feeling small or nervous, add a little more power to your pose. You might just start feeling a little more confident and less stressed. Before an interview you might also want to try a full on V power pose… but I suggest doing it before the interview, not during :).

How you position your body has a tremendous impact. Our bodies have taken millions of years to develop. We have many intricate systems in place to show others and ourselves how we feel. Our faces alone have over 40 muscles.

Non-verbal communication from the face alone has a huge impact. I’ve uncovered some unique research behind real and fake smile psychology.

Body Language is Lost in the Digital World

Today, a growing barrier threatens our ability to communicate with body language. The “online” world is exploding with growth. An online presence gives us more reach but it comes at a cost. It limits the effectiveness of our messages.

Our communication with friends and family is going digital. The same is true with coworkers and customers. It’s a rapid transition from what our bodies have developed to do.

Don’t neglect your fine-tuned body language psychology. Make it a priority to grab more face-to-face time with people around you. You’ll be happy that you did.

Invest mindfully,

Brian Kehm

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the psychology behind fake smiles. Making this little change can lower your stress and make you more approachable.

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