How to Use Smart Leverage on Your Home to Invest

This idea keeps coming back to my mind. I’m unfortunately not in a position to benefit from it but hopefully you can. You’ll need three things… 

  1. Ownership of a Home
  2. A Good Credit Rating
  3. Steady Income

With interest rates at all-time lows, you can take out a cheap loan on your home. Lenders call these home equity lines of credit (HELOC). And many homeowners will use these for home improvement projects. Although, big lenders don’t require that… and you can invest the money instead. 

That’s the big idea in a nutshell. I’ve worked through the numbers and this little financial trick could net you an extra $100,000+ easily over a few decades. Once you set it up, it’d take little to no time each year to keep it going. And of course, it’s not a risk-free strategy. Starting out, it’s not pure arbitrage… but it’s still an amazing risk-to-reward opportunity. 

In the video below, I’m going to walk through the spreadsheet I’ve put together to show you exactly how this works… 

Invest mindfully, 

Brian Kehm 

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