CFA Level 3 Notes, Formulas, and Weights

The CFA designation has one of the hardest exam series in the world. It requires rigorous dedication and persistence to pass. To reinforce my understanding of the topics, I’ve compiled personal CFA level 3 notes and formulas.

This is not an official or comprehensive CFA study guide. It’s my short guide and shouldn’t be used in place of official study material. By making it public, my goal is to help others review and better understand the financial concepts.

CFA Level 3 Notes by Category

I’ve listed the CFA level 3 exam categories below. They each link to a separate notes page…

Update 2020: I passed the final CFA exam last year. These notes helped me focus on some of the most important concepts. And I hope they help you study more efficiently as well.

To find the updated CFA exam weights, it’s best to go straight to the source. Check out the CFA Program Study Sessions Page. It gives a breakdown for all three levels.

Invest mindfully,

Brian Kehm

P.S. Mastering mental models can help you pass the CFA exams. Your brain and body are fine-tuned. Learning how they work can improve your chances of success in all areas of life. Here’s one of my favorite articles… Fake Smile Psychology

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