The financial freedom calculator below is based on living on dividends in retirement. When you reach financial freedom, you can keep your freedom in many ways. But from the hundreds of investment strategies I’ve researched, investing in great dividend-paying companies is a top approach.

Living on dividend income is hassle-free and provides a growing stream of income. I plan to invest close to 100% of portfolio in dividend stocks. To learn how this strategy works, check out my article How Much Do I Need to Retire Early.

To use the calculator, there are only four inputs. First, put in you Current Portfolio Value and then enter your expected average Annual Savings. Up next, you can use 0 through 12 percent for Annual Portfolio Growth. Then for the last steps, enter your expected Annual Retirement Expense and click the calculate button.

Current Portfolio Value
Annual Savings
Annual Portfolio Growth
Annual Retirement Expense

Your results will appear here.

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